Oscar AeroFluid 4

Oscar AeroFluid 4 is a mineral hydraulic oil with very good low temperature characteristics and capable of operating over a wide temperature range. Oscar AeroFluid 4 is composed of a mineral oil base stock and a complex additive package which results in a product with excellent low temperature flow and anti-wear properties, exceptional antifoam characteristics, and excellent oxidation stability.

The useful operating temperature range unpressurised is –54°C to 90°C.
The useful operating temperature range pressurized is –54°C to 135°C.

Oscar AeroFluid 4 is intended for use as a hydraulic fluid in undercarriage retraction mechanisms, flap jacks and control mechanisms, brakes, shock absorbers, automatic pilots, oleo legs, tail wheels, servo units, etc. It is also suitable for lubricating de-icing pumps and gearboxes.