Oscar TPEO 3012

Oscar Trunk Piston Engine Oil specially designed for modern Medium Speed 4-stroke Marine Engines running Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) or Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). Oscar Trunk Piston Engine Oil is a range of trunk piston engine oils developed for use in medium speed diesel engines burning residual fuels. This oil combines an exclusive formulation of latest additive technologies, and a highly refined base oil to provide a substantial safety margin to cope with the higher stress levels even with the latest and future designs of diesel engines.

• Turbocharged main and auxiliary engines of all types and all ratings running on
• Intermediate Fuel oil or on Heavy Fuel oil with high Sulphur content
• Bearings and stern-tubes
• Reduction gear lubrication

• Excellent thermal resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance
• Very good detergent and dispersant properties at high temperatures
• Good wear protection and oil film strength at extreme pressures
• Excellent water resistance
• Reduced build up heavy deposits in the engine leading to a reduction in maintenance costs
• Very good neutralizing capability of acidic products of combustion