Executive Message Board

At Oscar Lubricants, we pride ourselves in being the lubricant professionals. We are not in this industry by chance, we are experts in this field and have accumulated years of experience since 1998. We challenge ourselves everyday to give our customers the best service and the highest standard products in a timely and cost effective manner, without forgetting one of our most important values: ethics.

A corporate culture with strong ethics means we are honest and we manufacture our products in a transparent and honest way. We follow international standards and follow recommendations of original equipment manufacturers. Also, ethics help creating a safe and productive environment with positive interactions between each others, with our suppliers and our customers. This is the Oscar Lubricants way.

With this business philosophy and core values, we pursue our vision to be amongst the most successful, sustainable and responsive companies in the world.


Dr. Talal El Sayed

PhD in Chemistry, PhD in Physics

Founder & Chairman

18th March, 2022

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