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Oscar CoolCar Universal Antifreeze Concentrate G11 100%

Oscar CoolCar Universal Antifreeze Concentrate G11 100% is a concentrate automotive radiator fluid composed of demineralized water, ethylene glycol and an advanced blend of balanced corrosion inhibitors. It’s designed to protect the cooling systems of water-cooled petrol engines. The majority of passenger cars’ and light diesel vehicles’ radiators can use Oscar CoolCar Coolant. Oscar CoolCar is a full mono ethylene glycol based coolant for a liquid cooled crankcase system. It contains anti-corrosion and antirust additives. It is harmless to rubber and does not foam or clog radiators. It must be mixed with water to a concentration of 33%, 40% & 50%. NEVER used more than 50%.


ASTM D 3306; ASTM D 4656; ASTM D 4985; ASTM D 5345; SAE J814C; SAE J1038; SAE J1941; SAE J1034; GM 1899M; GM 6043M; GM 1825M; Ford ESE-M97B44-A; Ford ESE-M97B18-C; Chrysler MS-7170; Freightliner 48-22880; Cummins 90T8-4; Waukesha 4-19470; White (GMC Div. Of Volvo); John Deere 8650-5; Case Corp. MS1710; Navistar B1 (B6-008GO); Cummins 3666132; Detroit Diesel 7SE298; Ford New Holland 9-86; John Deere H-5; Mack Truck 014GS17004; ATA RP 302A; G11

Typical Properties

PARAMETERS TEST METHOD UNIT Oscar CoolCar Universal Antifreeze Concentrate G11 100%
Density @ 15°C
ASTM D1122
Boiling point
ASTM D1120
Reserve alkalinity, ml 0.1 N HC
ASTM D1121
Viscosity Index
ASTM D1287
Cold Crank Simulator
ASTM D1177
≤ -36
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