Oscar ATF III is a 100% synthetic blend multipurpose transmission fluid for use in automatic gear boxes post 2005, where Dexron III is quoted. Also suitable for certain power steering systems, torque converters, change gearboxes, fluid clutches and non-complicated hydraulic systems. Oscar ATF III has a sophisticated combination of high quality synthetic base oils and viscosity index improve, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, detergent, and friction modifying additives.

Used in automatic transmissions and manual transmissions, in torque converters and numerous power steering systems in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer.

• Smooth transmission and perfect synchronization
• Longer retention of frictional characteristics under continual severe operating conditions
• Protection against deposit formation and evaporation losses at high operating temperatures
• Excellent low temperature operation, ensuring prompt circulation of fluid
• Good protection, against wear, resistance to rust, corrosion and foam
• Compatible with seal materials used in transmission units
• Lower maintenance costs, and improved operating profit