Oscar GemXP CLPF 220

Oscar GemXP CLPF 220 is a  high performance EP/AW gear oil with MoS2 (black color). Oscar GemXP CLPF series are extreme pressure gearbox oils with synergetic chemical EP/AW additives and physical MoS2-based solid lubricants. The MoS2-based solid lubricants are physically effective and cover a wide range of temperatures in boundary friction conditions. They reduce friction and have a damping effect. Excellent wear protection in boundary friction conditions, good dirt suspension properties (detergent effect), low foaming, very good FE8 roller bearing wear protection as well as zinc- and silicone oil-free.

Every industrial lubricant recommendation should be done after an expert consultation on the application in question. Only then the best lubricant can be selected. Oscar industrial gear oils series “GemXP” are fitted to all your industrial applications. For highly-stressed gearboxes operating at low speeds and high loads, even when subject to shock loading, for noise reduction and for the lubrication of spindles and gear-boxes in forging presses.